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Children's Size Charts

Baby Clothes and Childrens Clothing Size Guide

How To Use Clothing Size Chart:
Determine your childs size on the chart below. If we know a style to run a bit large or small, we will note that on the style itself for your information. For swimwear, the general rule of thumb is to order 1 size up from child's clothing size (except Flapdoodles which is true cut)~unless otherwise noted on the style itself.
NOTE: Flaphappy Swimsuits with swim diapers have weight guidelines -no need to size up on these.

7-10 lbs (to 4.5 kg)./19-22 in./3 month
10-14 lbs(4.5-6.4kg)/22-24 in./6 month
14-17 lbs(6.4-7.7kg)/24-26.5 in./9 month

17-20 lbs(7-7.9kg)/26.5-28 in./12 month
20-24 lbs(9-11kg)/ 28-30 in./18 month
24-27 lbs(11-13kg)/30-33 in./24 month

28-30 lbs(13-13.9kg)/33-35 in/2T
30-33 lbs./35.5-37 in. / 3T
33 to 35 lbs./ 37-38.5 in. /4T

4-6X GIRLS or 4-7 BOYS
35-38 lbs. / 38.5-40 in./ 4
39-42 lbs. / 41-43 in. / 5
43-47 lbs. / 43.5-46 in./ 6
47-53 lbs. / 47-48 in./ 6X
54-57 lbs. / 49-51 in./ 7

YOUTH 8-10
58-63 lbs. / 52-53 in. / 8
64-72 lbs. / 54-55 in. / 10
73-80 lbs. / 56-57 in. / 12

Measuring Tips Measure your child's height and weight to determine their clothing size. If your child falls within two different heights or weights on the sizing chart select the larger size to allow for normal shrinkage in many of our cotton garments and to allow additional growth of your child.

This is a guideline only. As every child is different, we cannot "guarantee" a fit, but are here to help!

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